Trucker Discovers Two Very Small Stowaway Kittens After Driving Across The Country

In British Columbia, LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society, a registered non-profit rescue,) has been servicing dogs and cats in their community since 2003. LAPS is a shelter based out of the Patti Dale Animal Shelter in Aldergrove, and their staff and volunteers “use a progressive and humane approach to care for more than 1400 dogs, cats and large animals each year.”

They have an entire Facebook page called LAPS Foster Kittens that’s all about sharing the stories, photos, and adoption journeys of he cats and kittens that LAPS services in their area. Luckily for two, tiny stowaways, they just so happened to end up in the service area of LAPS at the right time!

“These two girls named Hidey & Sneaky are about 3 weeks old and have quite a story!”

“They are actually from Washington and made their way in the back of a truck across the border.”

“They are actually from Washington and made their way in the back of a truck across the border.”

“When they arrived the trucker luckily found them and they were safe and healthy.”

The kittens were bottle fed for serveral weeks before beginning to start on soft food.

“They are extremely friendly and affectionate and trying to convince them to stop bottle feeding is quite the job!”

LAPS Foster Kittens loves to dub their litters and rescues themed named, these precious babies are the “Stowaway Girls.”

Despite being separated from their mama by an entire country, by four weeks old they were spunky and living a good life, growing and getting ready to someday be adopted into their forever homes.

“Nap time is always very special cuddle time.”

Like many kittens in the care of the LAPS volunteers, these babies went to a foster home that was properly equipped to handle young kittens and prepare them for inevitable adoption.

This is Sneaky, she is smaller than her sister but just as lively.

Linda, their foster mom said that Sneaky was the “main cuddler,” but Hidey worked on those snuggle skills by perching on her shoulders.

“They love each other so much that they are asking if they could “please” be adopted together. They are both very playful, very loving and having the cutest little purrs, especially when they are sitting on your shoulder purring in your ear. ”
We are sure LAPS will make sure these sweet sisters find the best, possible home for them.