This Cute Kitten Was the Sole Surv.ivor After Being Dum.ped On the Side of a Road!

WALES – Two kittens have died after they were dumped in a sealed box on the side of a road.

RSPCA Cymru is now appealing for information after the box was discovered by a passer-by in a layby just outside the village of Ffostrasol in Ceredigion, this past Sunday.

A third kitten who was also found trapped inside the box, did manage to survive the ordeal.

This kitten, now named Tilly, is being treated by the RSPCA after being found dumped in a box

RSPCA inspector Holly Brown stated: “These kittens were literally dumped like rubbish on the side of the road. There was even rubbish inside the box with them.

“It is heartbreaking that two kittens were found dead but the other kitten was alive and was taken to a veterinary surgery by the caller.

“The kitten, who has been named Tilly, is only eight weeks-old and must have been so frightened being left in a box with two other kittens that had died.

“She is absolutely lovely, and is a very friendly kitten. It is just so shocking that someone could just leave them to die in a box. She is lucky to be alive. She’s been treated for fleas and worms and she may have symptoms of cat flu but she is doing well.”

Holly Brown of the RSPCA with Tilly – the only kitten that survived the ordeal

“She’s not been microchipped so we can’t identify her owner. Once she has been given a clean bill of health she will be made available for rehoming.”