These Momma and Baby Were Left with a Plate of Crisps on a Woman’s Doorstep

Everyone knows that a good mother will never abandon her children. This goes for both humans and animals, too. This pair was dumped on a doorstep with a plate of potato chips but she never left her baby’s side.

After getting back home from work one day, a woman found an unusual “gift” on her doorstep. There was a carrier with a mama cat and a baby inside – the kitten was only 5 months old. The woman called the Mayhew Animal Centre for help at once. Animal welfare officers arrived quickly and found a dish with tortilla chips inside. The snack, as we all know, was not appropriate for cats as it’s full of salt. The mama and her baby seemed distressed – who wouldn’t be?

The mother was later named Linda at the shelter, while her baby was named Stella. They were checked by the vets and fed a hearty meal. Fortunately, neither suffered from any serious medical ailments but they were both shaken up quite a bit from the whole experience.

The staff at the Mayhew Centre handled the cats gently the whole time. Soon, the little kitten was up and running, trying to suckle from Linda. It was then that they were separated so that Stella could get comfortable eating regular food. The cute kitten was adopted by a loving family.

For now, Linda is in foster care and doing great. Alissa, her foster mom, says that she’s a gentle and loving cat who loves head rubs and follows her current carers whenever they go.