The one-eyed cat acts as a guide for his visually impaired brother

Get ready to be amazed by these two exceptional felines – Mogwai and Buddha! These stunning twins share a unique bond as they have only one eye between them. Their striking appearance and heartwarming companionship have captured the attention of many. These inseparable siblings have proven that a physical disability cannot hinder the love and connection they share. As you gaze at their unique features, it’s hard not to feel captivated by their charm and individuality. They remind us that despite our differences, love and affection can transcend all boundaries. Get ready to fall in love with these two remarkable cats and be inspired by their unwavering bond!

The kittens were found by a woman who noticed them in her garden. She took the kitties in, but noticed they aren’t really growing and that their eyes aren’t opened yet. Having no other option, she took them to the Inner City Strays rescue shelter, where vets examined them.

The kittens went through many surgeries to prevent infections – Mogwai was left blind, and Buddha was left with only one eye. They didn’t let their disability defeat them, however – in fact, Buddha is now acting as a seeing cat for his brother.

The twins spent a year at the Inner City Strays. By their first birthday, they were happy, healthy, and ready for adoption. Fortunately, a young couple were looking for a special cat and fell in love with Buddha and Mogwai. It took Buddha a bit more time to accommodate, but overall, the cats settled in nicely.

Although anxious in the beginning, Buddha eventually relaxed and fell in love with his new home, just like his twin brother.

The cats share a close bond – whenever Mogwai is disoriented, he calls out for his brother and he comes for help. One time, Mogwai helped Buddha who was choking on a piece of plastic by patting him on his back! They truly have a special relationship rarely seen in the animal world.

The twins spend most of their time playing with their parents or napping. The happy parents set an Instagram page for the cats where they share their daily escapades.