The heartwarming story of a dying puppy outside a landfill being saved by a kind-hearted man highlights the power of compassion and empathy, and the potential for small acts of kindness to make a profound difference in the lives of animals in need.

A young Serbian named Goran Marinkovic spends a lot of time raising and caring for derelict animals on the street.

In March 2020, while visiting wild animals, Gordan saw a small surprise: a very sick looking puppy lying next to a torn sports shoe, surrounded by garbage. .

The man picked up the puppy, fed it and took it to the vet. After the dog got the help it needed, Goran took it home and gave it a name: Smesten. With his love and kindness, Gordan saved the dog’s life, and more than that, Smesten turned into a beautiful, healthy and very happy dog.

Goran often brings food to animals abandoned on the street. Day by day he found more and more derelict animals. Currently, Goran is raising about 100 animals – both cats and dogs. He said: “I raise abandoned animals – they are not fed, and have no owners. Their numbers are constantly increasing. I take care of animals because I love them. Everything species: cat, dog, etc. I love them all the same”.

It’s sad to see that humans can have the heart to abandon their pets so carelessly.

Goran does this completely voluntarily and without self-interest as a volunteer. He usually travels alone, but sometimes he also has friends by his side to help. This job is really not simple, even difficult to maintain for a long time without really having a compassionate and tolerant heart. Buying food and paying the vet is expensive, as well as time-consuming. Fortunately, in our society there are still people who are willing to make sacrifices for animals like this.

After being brought home by Goran, the puppy began to gradually recover and looked much better. A small life was saved thanks to the love, food and care of this kind man.

It has grown up to be a beautiful, friendly and loving dog. Smesten is now full of energy, very healthy and ready for any adventure with her master.

Life is often unfair to animals. It is not uncommon for dogs, cats and other pets to be beaten and abandoned by their owners. It is heartbreaking to witness the actions of cruel and heartless people: abandoning pets by the roadside, tying them to a tree, or even worse… So you are like me – We all find it particularly comforting to see stories with happy endings for those poor animals.