Strange temple in Japan where cats demonstrate their supremacy

If you are a cat lover, this will be a great place for you. In addition to visiting the temple, you can also play with the cat monk here.

Japan is always full of surprises, there are many interesting things in this country and one of them must be the strange temples where one can let a cat become the main abbot.

Nyan Nyan Ji is one such temple, which literally means Meow Meow Temple. Located in Kyoto, a land famous for its many beautiful sights and ancient mysteries. You are probably wondering, is this temple full of cats? In fact, the truth is that in addition to having many cats, there is also a cat monk who serves as the temple’s abbot.

People who visit Nyan Nyan temple wish they could be cured of illness. They are greeted by a cat monk named Koyuki.

According to the monks here, Nyan Nyan Temple was opened by a painter named Toru Kaya, who was very fond of cats. So, it’s not uncommon to find this place filled with statues and drawings of cats. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can buy them in the temple shop called “Littlefootmark Ren”.

It is known that there are 7 cats working in the temple: Koyuki (female), Waka (male), Chin (male), Aruji (male), Ren (female), Konatsu (female), and Chicchi (female). children).

Visitors to this temple can not only play with cats, but also eat cat-style dishes in a cafe.

Koyuki is not the first cat monk to occupy the temple’s honorary position, there have been 3 generations of cat monks. Koyuki is not the only cat here, there are a few other “assistants”, but her grumpy face makes many people amused and interested.

For those who are currently in Kyoto or planning a trip there in the near future, you can find Meow Meow Temple at: 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture , Japan.