Seeing a hungry and thirsty dog on the side of the road for many days. The man came to help, but as soon as he picked up the dog, he cried

When an animal lover comes across a helpless dog on the street, abandoned to his destiny and in need of assistance, he does not hesitate to give him all of his love and protection.
But he can’t help but feel disturbed and offended by the world’s ignominy and indolence, which appears to be becoming increasingly cruel and brutal against these helpless animals who have done nothing to deserve such suffering.

Kola Kariola is a fantastic and devoted dog lover from Romania. This angel devotes his entire life to saving animals, particularly those in danger, sick, or suffering from abandonment and indifference.

He and his wife are both amazing heroes who personally welcome them into their house and provide them with the attention they require.

Kariola was taken aback when she saw the fearful furry man on the roadside. His heart stopped beating as he reached out to pick it up.

“It was like holding a sack of bones,” Kariola said, “he was just reduced to a live skeleton after being abandoned and hungry for who knows how many days.”

Many people must have passed by the hungry and anxious dog, but no one stopped to rescue him, which seems unique, odd, and cruel.

Those who did not provide a helping hand to this unfortunate doggie must have hearts of stone. And we’d go so far as to say that the globe is deserving of what it is going through right now, since a planet that is treated with such callousness and brutality to creatures should be destroyed forever.

But, fortunately for the tiny dog, his angel came just in time to carry him, load him into his car, and drive him home.

The poor tiny puppy, on the other hand, was scared of everything and everyone. We have no clue what he had to go through to have such a traumatic experience.

Happily, love always triumphs. And Kariola was able to bathe him, removing the grime and allowing the puppy to know that he may get some care.

He chose to go further when the puppy appeared more confident, despite the fact that he could still attack him. But he didn’t seem to mind… He kissed him and smothered him in hugs, completely oblivious to the fact that the tiny fuzzy would fall asleep before his love-induced insomnia.

After his wash, the dog was fed and given a blanket and a nice bed to rest his head on. It was undoubtedly the first time he had encountered something like in a long time.

Finally, he broke free from his cocoon and wowed his heroes with his charming nature. Kariola realized that she couldn’t hurt his heart any longer by making any more changes in her life, so she adopted him for the rest of her life.