Rescuers Go Out In Search Of Two Kittens, Only To Be Met By A Swarm Of 100 Hungry Cats

Millions of abandoned pets roam the streets, and their numbers are growing by the day if they are not spayed or neutered. This is exactly what occurs in this Ukrainian park. The Love Furry Friends rescuers had no clue what they were in for when they heard about two recently abandoned kittens in the park. After receiving the call, the two lovely ladies went out right away. They immediately discovered the two kittens, who were both small and terrified, in a cardboard box. Fortunately, they were rescued by the right folks!

The rescuers saw a few adult cats around the park as they were going to bring them home. And as they began calling them, they were both surprised when at least twenty additional cats appeared at the same moment!

A visitor estimated there were over a hundred stray cats roaming the park, many of which were pregnant or already had babies. They all appeared to be hungry, so the two kind women decided to go out and purchase some food for them all at once.

In the park, they also came upon a lovely tiny hedgehog!

The kind women returned home after feeding the cats — with their two rescued kittens, of course. However, they had no intention of abandoning the other sad animals. They offered to return the next day to give them food and, most importantly, to assist them with spaying and neutering.

The two fortunate youngsters were transported to a veterinarian’s office, where the rescuers were relieved to find that they were both clean and healthy. Shortly after, the tabby cat was adopted, but the other youngster – Jam – had to stay for a while. But that didn’t matter; what mattered was that he was secure and loved. He would, without a doubt, find his own furever home quickly.