Puppy Saved From The Tire Smiles At Her Rescuers

The following story is about a puppy living in an old tire that some kind of workers rescued.

The employees of the warehouse noted first the abandoned dog in Memphis, Tennessee.

At that time, this tiny puppy was trying to hide inside the tire. Someone left food near the tire for this cute puppy despite not being able to approach her.

Image credits: Street Dog Foundation

With the hope that this adorable puppy could find a home for adoption, they took her picture and then posted it online.

Michelle Quina, the Street dog Foundation‘s foster coordinator, came across that news. After that, she immediately went out and looked for the puppy.

She wanted this lovely puppy no longer to live in that place because it was so dangerous with many trucks there.

Finally, Quina could locate where this puppy was. She was discovered in the pink blanket. However, when Quina noticed her, she quickly went back to the tire. Quina gently got the puppy’s attention, caught her, and brought her to the vet for health checking. Then. She was confirmed to get Demodex mange and worms.

Luckily, her disease has not been infectious.

After being assisted by Quina, this cute dog named Panama lived at Quina’s home. She tended to change her behavior in positive ways. To be more precise, she was keen on playing with other puppies, and she was not scared of meeting people anymore.

It can be said that Panama has a happy life with her foster and her new friends, even though she is still itchy. She was trained to do essential and necessary things at 14 weeks old.

Quina shared that this cute puppy would soon find her forever home full of love. She also added that Panama has many personalities of a small girl, and she would not find any difficulties in finding an ideal home.

If you are interested in the adoptable dogs of the Street Dog Foundation, you can go to their website for further information.