Meet Willow, The Adorable Stray With “Down Syndrome” Who Was Saved From Being Put Down

Meet Willow, a stray cat with “Down’s Syndrome” who was found wandering the streets and was rescued from being put down.

Lori Farris, a 50-year-old special needs teacher, was walking down the street when she came across the little, battered-looking cat.

“One day when I left a student’s house there was a tiny, dirty kitten on the doorstep and she followed me to my car,” recalled Lori.

When I took it to my veterinarian a few days later, I discovered it was a five-week-old baby female.

“The vet said that the shelter would surely euthanize her since she wasn’t ‘pretty’ so I decided to keep her.”

“Ella and Willow got on from the day they met,” Lori added.

“When I first brought Willow to the house, Ella was so interested by her and eventually built up the courage to come see her.
“Willow gave her a bit of a swipe and a playful bite, and they have been inseparable ever since.

“They eat together, play together and even sleep together.”

Willow has grown from her humble origins to become a social media icon with followers.

“Willow loves wearing her different flower hats and her Instagram has had a great response,” says owner Lori.

“I’m OK with people saying that she’s weird looking because she is but I don’t like when people call her ugly, retarded or gross.”

“She’s a wonderful little cat in every way and I’m so glad she’s in my life.”

We like a good underdog story. Willow, keep shining!