Man rescues st.ray Cat on busy highway!

Good job but that was really, really dan.ger.ous what you did. But, We believe that God was watching over you… because you were doing something good.
You are truly a rare gem in the human world.👏

A heroic Singaporean man came to a cat’s rescue after driving past a busy highway.

When Masz Masuri was on his way to Danga Bay, a recreational park located in Malaysia, with his son JB when they noticed the po.or st.ray str.anded along the center divider of a highway. After spotting the animal [shiv.ering] from, the father and son made a round trip to save its life.

A new hero and pretty kittie 🤗❤️❤️🤗

Masuri stopped his vehicle and He hastily took the animal in his arms, putting it in the backseat area while the driver behind blared their horn. The feline immediately h.i.d under the driver seat while the family brought it to the [].

Due to Masuri’s heroic actions, along with being at the right time and the right place, it was fortunate that this fur baby gets to live another day.

What a beautiful, exotic cat! 😻

Thanks to this kind compassionate man this precious fur baby was saved and got adopted into its forever home and get the care and love 💕 he deserves it. ❤️🙏🙏

Thank you very much for rescuing this beautiful fur kitty. ❤️ Happy baby in my arms today. 😻

God bless you for rescuing this sweet baby and bless all animal rescuers more!!!! 🙏🙏 💕