Kittens Won’t Stop Cuddling Police Officer Who Saved Them

Adkins and Hillard are two police officers that were responding to a shoplifting call at T.J. Maxx in Arlington, Texas. As they were finishing up, a woman seeking assistance waived them down. The woman said there were two tiny kittens stuck underneath her car! The officers knelt down and immediately heard tiny meows with two small faces staring back at them.

Officer Adkins carefully reached under the car to retrieve the two kittens to safety. When he brought them back into his vehicle, the two kittens wouldn’t stop cuddling him!

“They located the kittens inside the bumper where most likely the mother cat had placed them for some reason,” Jesse Minton, of the Arlington Police Department, “The owner of the car advised she did not own a cat and had no idea how the kittens got in there.”

The two loving officers immediately drove to a local veterinarian clinic to have the kittens checked over. According to the vet, the kittens were 6 weeks old and the officers were relieved to find the kittens quite healthy. Adkins fed the kittens formula with a bottle and fell more and more in love with them by the minute. Soon after, he made the decision to adopt them into his family and named them T.J. and Max! Although he wasn’t expecting to add two kittens to his family but clearly he was chosen by the kittens. We’re so glad that these kittens found the purr-fect forever loving home.

Max and T.J. purrpetrated a crime by stealing Officer Adkins heart. Now they’ll both have to serve a life sentence of love with their victim.