Kitten Brother and Sister Keep Each Other Alive Until They Are Rescued

Meet Bonsai and Buddha, a pair of adorable little kitties who were found abandoned in Phoenix, Arizona.
They were all alone when they were found, and kept each other alive until a rescue came their way.

Melinda Blain is the co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, a foster care company for abandoned kittens. One day she received a call letting her know that a pair of kittens needed rescuing.

They were found all alone, wounded and needed some love and care. Without hesitation, Melinda took them in and began to feed and treat them.

“The tortie girl was only 85 grams, while her brother was 120 grams. She was the weight of an underweight newborn at five days old,” Melinda told Love Meow.

Both kitties had wounds over their legs, which were treated. And after their first means, the pair cuddled together and had a long nap to recover.

“They purred the minute I picked them up. They just seemed to know that they were so loved.”

After only a day, Bonsai gained 15 grams in weight! Despite her having a large wound on one of her legs, she was still always in good spirits, when her brother was by her side.


“She quickly caught up in size and healed since she had such an awesome appetite and fighting spirits”

Their eyes were completely open at 10 years old and they clearly had a love for food looking at their full up bellies.

“The brother and sister duo get extra cuddle time in the morning, and they always end up zonking out during snuggles”

They did everything together, they explored as a duo and even figured out the litter box together.

Once they had solid food for the first time, they loved it!

“They’re almost totally weaned and haven’t lost their desire for constant snuggles.”

“Bonsai is a little explorer and she loves climbing, and Buddha loves snuggling and playing with his sister”

Hopefully, they can find a forever home together once they are both big enough to be adopted.

“They always fall asleep on my lap after playtime, and I always find them cuddling together.”

This sibling duo kept each other comforted and alive through the whole ordeal.