Kind Couple Fed A Stray Cat, And Then She Returned With Her Cute Kitten

If you are a pet owner, you will understand that the pet sometimes chooses the human instead of vice versa.

Ivie Lee and her boyfriend Jason are a kind couple who live in an apartment in Pasadena, California. The couple regularly saw a stray cat with a scruffy black and white fur wandering around their complex, so they’ve opened the door to the alley each morning to feed her. They named the cat Mary and always made sure to have some cat food to feed her when she came.

The couple fed the cat almost every day for a year, and they were happy about this. But one morning, Mary disappeared, and weeks went by, she still didn’t reappear. Jason and Ivie worried that the worst had happened to her.

In July 2019, Mary finally returned to their neighborhood, but she’d brought a friend back with her. “Look what happened when she came back!!!!!” Ivie wrote on her Twitter page.

It turns out that Mary was pregnant and born one kitten, and now she’d brought her baby back to the home where she was fed before. Ivie and Jason were touched by the fact that Mary trusted them enough to bring her kitten to them.

Ivie shared a sweet video of the cat mom and kitten on her Twitter page, and it quickly went viral. Everyone loved the short and sweet video!


As soon as the couple saw Mary and the kitten they knew they had to do something to help them. So, Ivie and Jason decided to adopt Mary and her kitten.

They brought Mary and her kitten to a local vet clinic to check out, and they also arranged to get Mary spayed. Thankfully, the two were in good health, and Mary was currently resting and recovering. She was doing so well!

Ivie and Jason started a GoFundMe page to raise money for their unexpected house guests. With the help of their Twitter followers, they quickly reached their goal of $2,000 to help the cats get medical exams, shots, food, and other expenses.

Once Mary had recovered, Ivie and Jason officially adopted her and her kitten, and they quickly settled into their new home. If you’d like to see more photos of Mary and her kitten, you can visit Ivie’s Twitter page.

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