It Appears That the “Backpacking Cat”, Who Traversed the World With His Owner, is Lifeless in His Backyard

The cat was nicknamed the ‘backpacker cat’ on social media. After publicizing his exploits in South America, he became well-known among his owner.

Jhon Galvis, a Colombian traveler, discovered the cat four months after embarking on a South American vacation.

He called the kitty “Beautiful creation” without understanding it was male, and with a backpack and eyeglasses to match, he became El Gato Mochilero, with over 200 thousand Facebook followers.

Galvis told his followers that the night of August 15 was the last time he saw his pet alive, among the pain. He said that he went to bed that night and awoke at 4 a.m. after realizing the cat was missing.

When he left his apartment, he walked to the patio, where he saw the lifeless body of ‘Bella,’ with no indications of violence inflicted by some other creature, for which they had evidently poisoned it.

Veterinary pathologists, on the other hand, conduct autopsies to determine the specific reasons of death.

Autopsies are performed by veterinary pathologists to identify the cause of death.

“Bella passed away of the dog attack,” he explained.

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