Heartbreaking scene as mother dog refuses to leave her crushed puppy’s side in Kars !

The pain of a mother dog losing her baby even touches people. In this incident in Kars, the mother dog waited for hours by the dead body. The dog, which made people feel its sadness, attacked similar vehicles and shared the pain of its pup. However, thanks to an animal lover who happened to pass by, the dog relaxed a little and waited for his puppy to come to life.

This incident reveals how much harm animals have suffered as a result of people’s carelessness. Berivan Buğan, a member of the Kars Friends of Life Association, invited insensitive drivers to humanity and stated that they work for the protection of animals and that the Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Bureau (HAYDİ) unit within the Kars Police Department exists to protect animals that have been subjected to violence or traumatized by traffic accidents.

As an association, Kars Can Dostları Derneği, which undertakes the protection and care of animals, also gives importance to the health of animals by treating animals in Kafkas University and private clinics. Hundreds of animals are cared for in 50 feeding centers in the city center. However, since the Kars Municipality Shelter is insufficient, they invite everyone to be sensitive towards animals.

This sad event is a reminder once again that animals should be protected and people should be more careful. We must respect every living thing and protect their right to life.

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