Heart-breaking moment cat refuses to leave a dead friend behind by dragging its lifeless body to safety

This is the heart-wrenching moment a stray cat dragged its dead companion on the street in north China.

The white-and-yellow feline bit onto the scruff of the motionless cat and moved it along a pavement as onlookers filmed.

The devoted moggie refused to leave its friend and took its body and hid under a car. However, the cause of the cat’s death remained unknown.

A devoted cat drags its dead companion along a pavement in Songbei district, north China

It bites onto the scruff of its friend and lifts its body up
The white cat was desperate to save its friend despite it struggled to lift up the body.

It made a few stops while trying to carry its dead companion.

The moggie refuses to leave the striped cat on the road and desperate to take it somewhere safe

Onlookers can be heard saying: ‘Its friend’s dead, look at the cat.’

The video ends as the cat hid under a white car.

Onlookers do not know about the death of the cat

The white and yellow feline drags its motionless friend under a white car and hide for safety