Guy Stops Car To Save A Kitten All Alone And Then Gets Ambushed By 12 More

Robert Brantley was driving home from work this week when something caught his attention.
A small kitten lay by the side of the road, apparently alone, helpless and she looked as if she had been abandoned.

Brantley knew he needed to stop for her, but he had no clue what was about to happen. he got the surprise of a lifetime after exiting his car to take the young kitten to safety.

Other kittens were hidden in the tall bushes off the road, waiting to spring up after seeing Brantley’s determination to help them.

It was the cutest ambush ever.

What began as a single cat in need of rescue has quickly grown to 13 kittens. Brantley was taken aback, but that didn’t lessen his sympathy. He made the choice to help every single one of them.

Brantley’s vehicle was quickly filled with thankful kittens as a result. And so he returned home with his kittens in his van and let them explore his property and meet his family.
“The kids are loving on them in the meantime and we’re fattening them up!” Brantley wrote.

The cat dad has been documenting this experience on social media, and he saw a flood of well-wishers and cat enthusiasts who offered their advice and support.

“The kittens are doing great,” he said.
While it’s unclear how the kittens ended up alone by the side of the road, one thing is certain: they found the right person to aid them in their time of need.

The kittens’ future has never looked better because of Brantley.