‘Get meowt of here!’: Adorable YouTube video shows kitten struggling to break out of a hamster ball

It is a tale of curiosity and a cat.

An inquisitive kitten who somehow managed to cram itself in to a plastic hamster ball is filmed struggling to break free for a full three minutes.

The YouTube video – sure to become an on-line hit – shows the plucky kitten fighting to free itself from its self imposed capture.

…but despite a desperate struggle, the kitten can not free itself

At the start of the video, the nosey feline crawls inside the pink plastic ball head first.

Then rolling from side-to-side, the kitten almost barrels into his bemused friend in a bid to free itself.

With its paws pressed out of a narrow entrance hole it peers out, straining to twist its tiny body out of the cramped space.

But with every effort, the cute critter just ties itself up in more knots.

Pawing at the outside of its perplexing prison, there are several near break outs – but invariably the trapped kitten just ends up back in the same spot.

Eventually its friend comes over and that seems to do the trick as the kitten struggles free.

But no sooner has the kitten broken free, than it returns to inspect its plastic prison.

Some cats never learn.