Cat With Many Lovely Kittens is Simply Exhausted by His Responsibilities as a Father

Everyone realizes how difficult it is to be a parent. It also does not matter whether you are a person or a cat.

Joker, a well-known Maine Coon, understands quite well how to raise your own tomboys. He recently acquired four adorable kittens.

The Maine Coon father delighted his followers the other day. His owner shared a photo of him right under the numerous video camera flashes.

Many people in the Joker identified themselves and pitied the cat. Actually, he appears to be quite fatigued.

The famed Maine Coon used to astound the people as well. His followers are terrified of his stature.

The cat’s owner stated that it is difficult to care for such an animal because Joker enjoys large meals, necessitating frequent cooking. People frequently comment on the feline’s human-like visage.

He always considers those around him lazily and also condescendingly sufficient, which numerous are touched by.

Papa Maine Coon adores his own kittycats. He licks them well, enjoys fun with them, and even takes them to sleep in their special basket. Joker can finally unwind on his sofa after a long day.

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