Bowlegged Kitten Abandoned With Message ‘Help Me Please’

Poor Cricket has had one of the hardest starts to life, after being abandoned and malnourished as a kitten.

He was found in a faeces-ridden cat carrier that had a note on it saying ‘help me’, and was so emaciated that staff at Battersea where he was brought didn’t initially know if he was alive.

Picture: Battersea Dogs & Cats Cricket the cat

Thankfully he was, although he was estimated to be half the recommended weight of his estimated age, five months.

His coat was extremely thin and his tail was almost completely bald, and his legs had even become bowed.

Battersea Veterinary Surgeon, Claire Turner, said: ‘Cricket was extremely underweight and under-developed when he arrived at Battersea. It’s possible that being severely malnourished during his short life has prevented his body from growing correctly, which could have contributed to his bowed legs. It was heart-breaking to see him when he arrived, he was so weak and helpless.’

Battersea staff have now been nursing him back to health, and with plenty of TLC his fur has started to come back.

It’s not known whether his legs will ever recover – as they’re still bowed – but he doesn’t let his disability stop him being a lively, affectionate kitten. He loves sitting on laps and plenty of cuddles.

He desperately needs a home – particularly with an owner or owners who have financial stability and don’t have any major changes coming up that might be an upheaval for him.

Cricket would prefer not to live with any other cats, but his ad says he may be able to live with a dog (depending on the situation). A home with young children might not be best for a cat that’s been through so much, but he can live with other children and teenagers.

Claire continues: ‘Cricket was abandoned because his previous owner was clearly unable to care for him. We’d encourage anyone who can’t look after their pet, to bring them into a rescue centre.

Cricket was lucky to have been found in time for us to save him – it was a close call.’