A touching video of a dog’s caregiving action towards their owner after the owner suffered a stroke.t

Sadie, the German Shepherd, was rescued by Brian Myers in October 2020, but little did he know that she was the one who would end up rescuing him! This adopted German Shepherd was not just a new friend, but in his time of need, was his hero.

German Shepherd Saves Owner After Stroke
The 6-year-old dog was an adopted rescue pop who had gained a reputation for not being good with men in the past. When Brian, age 50, met her last fall, he felt a connection and a desire to bring her home. In time, the dog proved trustworthy, loving, intelligent, and the perfect fit for his life.

When the 50-year old found himself stuck in a corner having suffered from an unexpected stroke, Sadie came to his rescue.

Sadie came to his side quickly and understood something was wrong. She not only licked his face to keep him awake but managed to use her own strength to drag him out of the corner and over to call for help

She helped pull him up and over to the phone to call for help. While she may have been surrendered in the past, her new owner has found not just a beloved family member, but a new hero.

While separated during the rehabilitation process for Brian, they maintained a connection through video chats daily. As they were reunited this week, you could see the love and joy between the two shining. Needless to say, Sadie attacked her new owner with love and excitement, and Brian is ready to be home and spending his days with Sadie by his side.