A cat with a great selfie talent has become a social media star with more than half a million fans

This is the story of Manny – a cat specializing in taking selfies who has become a social media “star” with more than half a million followers.
Manny gray tabby cat from Arizona, USA, has become famous all over the world for his “talent” of taking selfies.

Manny first appeared on social media and caused a storm in 2016, when photos of this cat looking like a selfie went viral.

Manny cat with selfie hobby.
The birth of these cat selfies dates back to one day Manny used her paws to touch the camera, then accidentally pressed the shutter button. The resulting image suddenly turns into a pretty interesting selfie. Since then, the cat has entered the “selfie industry” with more than 600,000 followers on social networks.

These self-portraits have earned the cat a huge fan following.

The cat’s diverse facial expressions make many people excited.

The photos are captured from footage shot through a GoPro attached to the cute kitten’s paw. Puffy lips, playful tongue twisters, and well-composed photos with dogs – there’s no pose that can stop Manny.

“Manny learned to use the camera by accident while reaching for the camera during a photo shoot,” explains Yorem Ahm, Manny’s owner. According to Manny’s owner, the cat is both intelligent and inquisitive. When he takes pictures with the other animals in the house, Manny is always eager to participate.

Before becoming famous, Manny was formerly a feral cat. Yorem and his wife came across the stray cat in 2014, don’t know how old it is but it’s clearly not a normal cat.